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I am the new girl

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The science, art or procedure for setting up the interiors of an room, a floor or building is referred to as Interior Designing.

Interior Designing and Interior Decorating are two unique fields that are commonly mistaken with the other. The Designer creates space along with the Decorator enhances it.

An Interior Designer co-ordinates through the blue print till the execution/ completing the project.

Limited space for construction requires optimum use of available space. The most effective usage of space, user well-being factor, functionality from the layout and coordination with developers are definitely the most important facets of Interior designing.

In yesteryear, interiors were build instinctively as part of the procedure for building per the needs and requirements with the stakeholders or developers. Time and space constraints allow us Interior designing right into a science. For example an Interior Designer can have the talent and acumen to match in a small closet or loft or maybe a washroom in to a room in the event it seems impossible with a layman without compromising on space inside.

The profession of Interior Designing is really vast and contains many verticals and contains branched out into specialist designers. There are different Interior Designers for apartments, houses, commercial blocks, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools etc

In India Vasthu is certainly a important aspect in construction. As such the Interior designer is necessary to guide the erectors from the building around the basic requirements of Vasthu

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